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Food banks are places where people who are in need of help to get the food they need. Food banks operate throughout the United States and Canada. In the United States there are nearly 500 food banks, while in Canada there are only about 15. A food bank is usually a non-profit, humanitarian organization that supplies food to people who need help buying enough food to avoid starvation.

There are many ways you can find food banks. The most effective way is to visit your local library and ask at the reference desk for a reference to a food bank. Your local library will most likely have a literature library with books on all aspects of human life and also have access to government programs such as the food pantry program. Your local food banks should also be able to give you information on organizations that provide assistance with meeting the requirements of the various national food pantry programs.

One way to find food banks is by using the Internet. There are several web sites that have a plethora of information about hunger relief and other hunger related issues. On these web sites you can find contact information for local food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens. Most of the sites have a search function to help locate these organizations. They often have a map of the areas where the food pantries or soup kitchens provide their services.

Another way to find food banks is through your local newspapers. Many newspapers publish a weekly list of places where people in need of food may obtain it. It may be listed in the classified section under "food bank." You can also call the newspaper and ask them to publish this list of hunger centers. Many newspapers publish a list of safe stores where you can safely store your extra food.

You can also check with a food bank volunteer. Most of these volunteers lead the community in which they work. In many instances they have connections to food pantries or soup kitchens. If not they know someone who knows of such a place. They will usually be able to make a phone call to let you know what services they can provide you with in your area. Check out also best charities ranked for additional insights.

You do not have to let hunger dictate how you eat. There are ways that you can secure enough food to last until your next meal. If you are in immediate need of food, talk to your local food banks. Ask what services they provide to help those in need. You may be able to find a solution that allows you to safely store an extra supply of food in your home.

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